Friday, April 24, 2009

Consultation Basic Package

The Basic Package was designed for the company that has a fundamental idea for a marketing plan and needs assistance with analysis or completion, plus a minimum amount of start-up literature while working on a limited budget or a short deadline.

The "Basic Package " includes the formulation of a Distributor Compensation Plan customized to fit your budget, appropriate product or service. You will be provided with a presentation outline, illustrated using the Microsoft PowerPoint format for easy visualization.

The custom plan will contain suggested titles, qualifications, benefits and bonus payout structure.

The typeset, camera ready literature package will include a Distributor Application, Product Order Form, Retail Sales Slip, a tri-fold Marketing Plan brochure including royalty free art images, assistance with the creation of a company logo, corporate letterhead, envelope and business card.

The "Basic Package" also includes one day of on-site consultation and telephone time at no additional charge.

Basic Package includes:
- Compensation plan formulation
- PowerPoint presentation on your new compensation plan
- Distributor Application
- Product Order Form
- Retail Sales Slip
- Tri-fold Marketing Plan brochure
- Assistance with the company logo
- Corporate letterhead, envelope and business card
- One day of on-site consultation and additional telephone consulting

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DB44 is MLM Software to run your company:
Website replication, eCommerce, Product and Inventory Management, Member Back Offices, Genealogy, and Standard or Custom Compensation Plans.

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Let's get the industry cleaned up!

Scott H Leonard

Founder, CEO, Consultant
Inspetta LLC

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